Taste for Hygiene is about inspiring people to create
and maintain safe, healthy and happy spaces.

As business owners we understand the pressures of keeping staff and customers safe.

Our goal is to help your space thrive by providing sustainable, high-quality hygiene products that reduces illness for you, your family, your staff, and your customers.

We want to make your space a safer, happier and healthier place to be. We want to work with like-minded, tenacious, and ambitious people who strive to make our world a better place in which to live and breathe. We want to help you create the environment you deserve whether at home or work.

At Taste for Hygiene, we believe that our wellbeing
is inextricably linked to our environment.

We specialise solely on hygiene products, making us the expert in the industry.

We want to create products that improve people’s lives by reducing illness and protect our environment.

We aim to:

  • Provide high quality products at great prices with fast shipping
  • Increase your sales by creating safe spaces customers want to visit
  • Save you money on sickness absences due to the spread of infection at work
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of everyone and our planet.
6 steps to washing your hands

Sustainable, high-quality
hygiene products

Taste for Hygiene products have been inspired by fresh thinking about the way people relate to the spaces we occupy.  We keep our designs simple, stylish, and fresh while exploring sustainable, durable materials worthy of your space.

Our years of experience in the hygiene industry helped us use all our knowledge to create our Taste for Hygiene product range that protects you.

You can continue to do business or relax in your home knowing our cleaning products are keeping you safe.


The Taste for Hygiene product range consists of

 Signage and Stickers

& Stickers

& Hygiene Wipes


Fabric &
Textile Products


Bone China
& Earthenware


Gift Products
& Accessories


Taste for Hygiene Values

Taste for Hygiene’s values centre on improving the lives of those who use your space. 

Show your visitors, customers and staff that you care. 

By using Taste for Hygiene products to enhance your space, you are committing to protect and improve the lives of people who spend time there. 

Everyone who pledges receives a FREE badge of credibility to display on their premises. This helps you show your visitors, staff and customers that you care. Wherever you see the badge, you can be confident that this is a space managed by people who are truly committed to improving the lives of others. 

6 steps to washing your hands

A Purpose Driven Company

We are a purpose-driven business defined by our commitment to improving lives, health and businesses. We set out to make a real difference – to bring greater meaning to our lives and to the work that we do. We know there are millions of people like you out there. People who want to make a difference – the never give-ups, the non-quitters. Those who dare to fail and try again and again. People who treat the environment with respect, and make our world a better place.

Are you ready to take proactive steps to:

  • reduce infection & cross-contamination
  • prevent serious incidents
  • improve food hygiene
  • reduce absences due to illness
  • eliminate poor hand hygiene culture
  • keep our finite resources cleaner?


If so, Taste for Hygiene will provide the products and the recognition your commitment and efforts deserve. Together, let’s make a difference to people’s lives!

What makes Taste for Hygiene unique?

The Taste for Hygiene brand brings people together around a universally accepted subject – ‘space’. It empowers you to do good for the benefit of all. As a condition of use, Taste for Hygiene customers also pledge to help create an environment that puts health and wellbeing first for all. As a reward, they get a Healthy Space Pledge badge to display on the premises.

Our Vision

To inspire people to create and maintain safer, healthier and happier spaces.

Our Mission

The Taste for Hygiene team is focused on improving lives and the environment upon which we all depend. We give people the power to treat their environment with kindness, making it more positive, safer and healthier for everyone who spends time there.

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