How to save money on cleaning supplies for your business


While it’s important to have a clean and healthy workplace, it can be difficult to do this within your budget.

It’s increasingly tough for businesses that are under more pressure than ever with rising costs.

But you can still have a clean workplace and reduce your costs, all while saving yourself time.


What are the benefits of reducing the use of commercial cleaning products?

There are many benefits of reducing your consumption of cleaning products that aren’t just financial.


  • Save money

Of course, the most obvious of reducing your use of commercial cleaning products is that you will reduce your costs.


  • Prevents accidents

When you overstock on cleaning products, it can mean overcrowding storage areas which can lead to accidents either from spills, storing chemicals together that interact, or using the wrong products.


Work-related illnesses and injuries lost 36.8 million working days and cost £18.8 billion in the cost of injuries and illness from working conditions. So not only can it help prevent accidents, but it can also save you money.


  • Sustainability

Reducing your purchases of unnecessary products means not using as much plastic. Simply by purchasing less cleaning products, you have already helped to reduce your carbon emissions.


Not only does it reduce your consumption of plastic and other materials, but it prevents unnecessary deliveries which also reduces your carbon emissions.


Consumers are increasingly buying from companies that are sustainable and by making sustainable decisions, you could attract more customers.


  • Less waste

Less products means less waste. This not only helps you to be sustainable but with less you waste, you could possibly reduce your frequency of waste collections which could save you money.



  • Saves time

By ordering less, you spend less time carrying our procurement and this saves you time.


How much should you spend on cleaning supplies per month?

There isn’t a set amount that you should spend on cleaning supplies. You should assess what you need.

But as a benchmark, in US households, residents spent at least $400 per month on cleaning supplies.

In the UK, this was less, with households spending on average £2.70 a week on cleaning products in 2022 and for businesses, this will more than likely be higher since you will have a higher footfall, are subject to audits, and need to abide by your legal obligations.  


How can you save money on your cleaning expenses?

There are many ways to reduce your cleaning costs. Follow these tips and you could not only save money but attract new customers. 


Audit your expenses

The first thing you should do is analyse your current expenditure on cleaning supplies.

Do you buy products that aren’t being used? Are you bulk buying products that are still half full by the time you order more?



Comparing commercial cleaning companies will ensure you get the best deal.

But it’s not always about the cheapest products. Remember to add the cost of shipping or any other incentives that make it a better deal for you.

Most professional cleaning supply companies will offer free shipping after spending a certain amount. Taste For Hygiene offers one of the lowest thresholds for this, offering free shipping after spending only £45 or £25 for business customers.



When you purchase sustainable products, it may cost you a little more to buy them, but they will generally last longer and therefore provide better value.

Not only that but they help reduce waste and can attract new customers through making sustainable choices.

Using sustainable products can also protect everyone in your business as studies show sustainable cleaning products reduce the odds of health symptoms.

This not only protects those in your business, including yourself but saves money on sick pay.


Buy what you need

Bulk buying cleaning supplies for business is common as it is seen to be better value.

This isn’t always the case.

Your business may not need to bulk buy because it is a small business that doesn’t use that amount of cleaning products.

You can take advantage instead of subscription ordering which means you don’t run out of what you need but you are only buying the products you use regularly.

With Taste For Hygiene business accounts, there is no minimum order, so you can buy only what you need.

This not only helps with reducing your costs but for businesses who struggle with cashflow, you aren’t having to spend a larger amount.


Shop local

By purchasing local cleaning supplies, it means you are reducing your businesses carbon footprint as they don’t have to travel as far.

It also means you will likely have fewer problems with your supply chain, which means they’re more reliable.

This can make them better value for money, and you will get them quicker.


Multipurpose cleaning products

Using multipurpose cleaning products helps you to save money and time.

Multipurpose products can do lots of different cleaning jobs which saves you time and saves money purchasing multiple products.


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Train staff

Training staff on how to use your cleaning products means they will only use the recommended amount, which saves them time and saves you money on cleaning products.

Using customised signage to inform staff on washing their hands or how to use products properly can increase compliance.

When signs were used, soap dispensers were used 35% more than those without signs.

This means fewer germs are spread through their hands, and this prevents illness which saves on complaints, damage to your reputation, or staff being off sick.



Cleaning strategy

Creating a cleaning strategy that includes when to clean, what to clean, and how to clean means the right number of products are used and it creates a consistent standard of cleanliness.

Having consistent cleanliness is hugely important for businesses as customers can be put off by untidy environments.

It also helps you to achieve five-star food hygiene ratings if you are a hospitality business, and companies who have a higher star rating can charge more.


Saving money on cleaning supplies

It is difficult for businesses trying to provide healthy workplaces within budget. But making these small changes to your cleaning, you could reduce your costs and not just on cleaning products.

You can reap many benefits including reducing your carbon emissions, attracting more customers, and being legally compliant.

At Taste For Hygiene, as a small business, we want to help other businesses thrive by creating affordable and sustainable cleaning products.

That’s why we’ve created our new business account that gives you even more benefits including subscription ordering and free delivery over just £25.


You can get these benefits by signing up for your

FREE business account for cleaning products today.



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