Pet Wet Wipes - Heavy Duty/80-Wipes

Pet Wet Wipes - Heavy Duty/80-Wipes

Outdoor Wet Wipes - Heavy Duty/80-Wipes

Outdoor Wet Wipes - Heavy Duty/80-Wipes

Family Wet Wipes - Heavy Duty/80-Wipes

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Re-sealable pack of 80 Big Size Disposable, Thick Large Wet Wipes.

About Me - Ultra-Grime Family Wet Wipe.


  • Use Me
    • I’m extra-large and extra-thick.
    • I give extra than most wipes.
    • For cleaning & dusting all sorts of surfaces at home.
    • I’m 100% Biodegradable.


  • Use Me
    • Anywhere in the house
    • To clean up everyday mess on all surfaces including walls, floors, toys & furniture.
    • For wiping tiles, wood, vinyl & carpets.
    • In your bathroom sinks, taps & splashboards.


  • Use Me
    • I’m more effective than most wipes in the market
    • I’m extremely tough on dirt and spills.
    • I stay wetter for longer - When most wipes dry out within 5-10 minutes


  • Use Me
    • I’m super absorbent
    • To picks up dirt, grime, and contaminants, and I stay ready for more
    • I’m bigger, wetter, stronger


  • Use Me
    • I’m 100% Biodegradable.
    • To clean your home 'N contribute to a healthier planet
    • To deliver professional grade cleaning in the home environment.
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Ultra-Grime Family Wet Wipes + Specially designed to support:

  • Homes
  • Worktops
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Bathrooms
  • Families
  • Family car hygiene

Supersize and heavy-duty, Ultra Grime Family Wet Wipe are made from low-lint, micro-fibre fabric, able to trap dirt and hold on to them.

These family friendly wet wipes are 100% biodegradable within 6 months.

The unique formula, strength and design of the Ultra-Grime Family wipes mean they are best suited for the home, delivering safe cleaning all day long with minimal impact on the environment.

Ultra-Grime Family Wet Wipe + Specifications:

  • Safe on skin
  • Safe cleaner with a Luxury Pomelo scent
  • Hand safe
  • Low foaming qualities
  • Super-soft & strong
  • Large absorbency capacity

Ultra-Grime Family Wet Wipe + Additional Specifications:

  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Dispenses one wipe at a time
  • Measures 38 x 25cm per Wipe
  • Recyclable packaging for less waste


  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve people’s lives through hygiene
  • Reduce cost & time taken by illness

Get Your Ultra-Grime Family Wet Wipe NOW

And join the growing number of individuals and businesses trusting Ultra-Grime Family Wet Wipe for everyday home cleaning & hygiene.

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