The Little Lemon Hand Hygiene Book

The Little Lemon Hand Hygiene Book

Little Lemon User-Friendly Washroom Book

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Create a great impression every time by implementing our washroom guidelines.


  • Product size – A5/210 x 148 mm
  • Page number – 24-Page Mini Booklet
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Cover: Gloss lamination
  • Step-by-step user-friendly washroom guidelines
  • Use the booklet to carry out bathroom inspections

Done-for-you washroom guidelines

Retain customers

Encourage repeat custom by creating a good first impression with clean washrooms for your customers.

Reduce costs

Reduce the cost of staff sickness and increase productivity with step-by-step washroom guidelines.

Create safe spaces

Show your commitment to creating clean and safe spaces for your employees.

Promote cleanliness

Step-by-step instructions and illustrations make it easy to promote user-friendly washrooms.

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Little Lemon Washroom Book
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The state of a washroom speaks volume for businesses and brands, from the front- end facilities for customers or visitors to the backend facilities for employees.

They tell you where the values, care, and commitment to stakeholders, like customers and the workforce, are placed.

You may have recently used a washroom in a business only to notice that the door had neither a latch to lock it, nor a hanger for my jacket. As a result, you were left holding a bag, jacket and struggling to hold the door closed, all at the same time.

To make matters worse, the floor was wet, so you didn’t dare let anything touch it. This scenario is played out every day in many business premises across the country.

And what about the smelly washroom? When you walk in and are greeted by a strong repellent smell, what do you do? You instantly become very uncomfortable and start to rush, so that you can get out of that place as quickly as possible, fearing contamination.

It is even scarier if you know that most persistent smells in washrooms are caused by bacteria. This is not a user-friendly washroom.

The Little Lemon User-Friendly Washroom book will walk you through creating a clean washroom in an easy, step-by-step process. Make sure your business or organisation provides a user-friendly washroom all year round.

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All Cross-Contamination Prevention Efforts Are Less Effective If Your Washrooms Are Not Hygiene-Friendly.


How do you keep bathroom cleanliness?

This booklet sets out how to keep your workplace bathroom clean with clear steps, illustrations and instructions.

How often should the bathroom by cleaned?

This depends on your footfall but your bathroom should be cleaned at least once a day to prevent bacteria spreading in your workplace.


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